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Rebbetzin Tzipora (Heller) Gottlieb

Internationally known as an outstanding scholar of Jewish Studies as well as a gifted lecturer, she has been a full-time faculty member of Neve Yerushalayim College in Jerusalem since 1980. Her areas of expertise include textual analysis of Biblical literature and Jewish philosophy with an emphasis on the teachings of Maimonides and Maharal. She is also particularly well known for her courses devoted to the role of women in Judaism and analyses of the lives of women in the Bible.

She is distinguished by her unique teaching style. Based on classical sources, her insights on virtually any topic within Jewish studies flow in a seemingly effortless stream. While leading her listeners along creative new lines of thoughts, she resorts to a disarmingly keen sense of humor to provide practical examples that illustrate and draw personal relevance from even the most abstract concepts.

Rebbetzin (Heller) Gottlieb is also noteworthy as an example of a woman who has managed to balance her responsibilities as a mother of a large family with her role as a leading public figure throughout her career in Jewish education. In 2020, during the Corona epidemic, she married Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb, noted and beloved educator.

A sought-after speaker, her lecture tours throughout the United States, Canada, England and South Africa always draw enthusiastic crowds.

Popular worldwide as a weekly columnist in Hamodia, Rebbetzin (Heller) Gottlieb is the author of four books, "More Precious than Pearls," "This Way Up," "Our Bodies Our Souls," "Lets Face It", "Battleplans" and  'Return - Your Path to Lasting Change' the more recently published 'A Distant Mirror'.

Rebbetzin Tziporah (Heller) Gottlieb has, for almost three decades, helped thousands return more fully to the beauty of their Jewish heritage.

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