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Rabbi Avshi Weingot

Avraham Shimon Weingot, aka Rav Avshi, was born and raised in Tsfat.  As a child, he was always around a stream of people searching for spirituality.  His father, Rav Rafael Weingot, founded Yeshiva Shalom Rav and his mother, Tova, founded the Sharei Bina Seminary.  Students and guests were always a part of their open home.

As a teen, Avshi went on his own journey to experience the world, only to return to his home town in 2002.  He became a part of Yeshiva Shalom Rav, and took on leadership along with his father about ten years ago.  Becoming a certified life coach helped him in his work with the students.​ He saw Tzfat as a springboard for so much growth, and took the opportunity to make a difference in so many people’s lives, and began giving inspiring tours and lectures to groups. 

With the blessing of his Rebbie, Rav Yitshak Meir Morgenstern, Rav Avshi spends many hours a day and night studying Torah, especially the Zohar and its commentaries, the teachings of the Ramak and the Ari and other kabalistic texts.  His regular weekly routine finds him as the Rav of the Mekarve shul on Shabbat, and giving weekly local classes, as well as classes on zoom.  He and his wife Kiki host many Shabbat meals in their home giving guests a chance to interact with the whole family. 

Branching out from Tzfat, they and their family have traveled across the world to the Ukraine, New York, Mexico, and more in order to teach and inspire local communities or groups that come to join them.


Where ever he is, and who ever he’s with, Rav Avshi feels a deep mission to be a part of spreading the secrets of the Torah, for that is the light of the geula, the redemption.  It is the secrets of the Torah that bring healing, comfort, peace and clarity to each individual and G-d willing to the world.

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