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Dina Schoonmaker

Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker holds a B.Ed in Tanach and English from Michlalah College, a master’s degree in Jewish history from Touro College, and a pending doctorate in sociology from UKF in Slovakia. She is teacher, popular lecturer and relationship counselor.  

She has been a member of the Michlalah faculty for over 25 years, and has an alumnae counseling hotline for Machal graduates. Mrs. Schoonmaker is also the founder of the highly acclaimed, an interactive teleconference personal-development program for women of all ages. In addition, Dina lectures extensively throughout the seminary circut on topics of personal development through the eyes of the Torah. Dina is a regular respondent in Mishpacha Magazine's "Advice Line" and has written for "The Klal Perspectives Journal", a forum for discussion of challenges facing the Torah community

She resides in Yerushalayim with her husband, Rosh Yeshiva of Shapell’s/Yeshiva Darché Noam, and their children.

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