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Igniting women to bring out their unique “selves”, so their core essence can shine, connect and inspire others to reach their full potential.  

Established in 2009, the Chizuk Mission was created with the aim of enabling women to deepen their connection to Hashem and strengthen their emunah by infusing more meaning and purpose into their lives. An integral aspect of the program's success is to provide spiritual growth opportunities for women within the frum community and equip them with tools to apply these lessons in their daily lives.


Based on the principles of Rav Noach Weinberg z”l, a week-long trip to Eretz Yisrael was developed to meet this pressing need. For the women who participated, the Chizuk Mission provided a breath of fresh air, filling their spiritual tanks and enabling them to bring back their newfound growth and excitement to their families and communities, with long-lasting effects.


Since its inception, the Chizuk Mission has expanded its offerings, including trips to Eretz Yisrael, chaburahs, retreats, virtual learning programs, reunions, and other avenues to help fill women's spiritual tanks and elevate the entire Jewish community.

The Chizuk Mission's expansion beyond trips was partly due to the vision of one of its

participants, Chaya Bistritzky A”H, Ruchama Chaya Fruma bas R’ Dov Pinchas.

Chaya recognized that the program's spiritual growth opportunities should not be limited to

just trips, and her encouragement helped the program to thrive. Chaya's life was guided by

the motto "Ein Od Milvado" and the belief that everything is from Hashem, which she held

onto throughout her hospitalization until her passing.



To learn more about the "Ein Od Milvado" campaign, click here.  

See the special song from Mordechai Shapiro made in her honor, click here.

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Edana Desatnick

​Baskin Ridge, NJ

"Each person brought so much of themselves. The individual caring, learning and growth is beyond special. I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of this experience."


Miriam Tress

Monsey, NY

"Everyone is from such different walks of life. But, there is one common goal, Achdus and everyone wants to grow. Being in one room with fifty women who want to grow, its unusual."

Esti Stahler

Esti Stahler 

Lawrence, NY

"It's like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, every woman a little different, every one so special. Yet, we are all alike and we give each other chizuk. Inspiration, bonding, friendship, I love every woman. If you have the privilege to come, come."


Sora Gottlieb 

Lakewood, NJ

"I just can't imagine life without Chizuk Mission. This mission has totally changed me and I have made the most wonderful friends. I am so grateful for the opportunity. I am in it for life!"


Marla Stark

Cleveland, OH

"It's not rational, so it's not explainable. You are surrounded in love and warmth. It's an amazing and special feeling. It is such a bracha to be a part of it."

The key to greatness is doing a spiritual accounting. Every day, set aside time to ask yourself: What am I living for? What do I need to change?

It is a greater pleasure to love than to be loved. So why spend so much energy on gaining the approval of others? Work on loving them instead.

Torah is not a history book. It is Toras Chaim – literally Instructions for Living, God's manual teaching on how to fulfill our potential and get the most out of life.

Judaism isn't all or nothing. Every mitzvah is a gold mine

If being good is worth dying for, then it is worth living for. And if it is worth dying and living for, then it is certainly worth enjoying.

Rav Noach Weinberg z”l, founder of Aish HaTorah's Instructions for Living;



Founding Director


Director of Community Development


Executive Director


Administrative Assistant

Lay-Leader Team

Sora Wolasky

Sora Wolasky

Sora is a driving force in supporting women to connect themselves to, each other and Hashem through her work with the Chizuk Mission. 



Our Posek


Rabbi Yitchak Berkovitz Shlit"a

R’Berkovits is recognized world-wide as a prominent posek and ba’al eitzah. Through his varied roles in the kiruv world, he has become a sought after speaker and his advice on complex community matters is valued by Rabbonim across the globe.

R’Berkovits saw the untapped potential of countless yeshivaleit to make huge differences in Klal Yisrael. This was the inspiration behind the creation of the Jerusalem Kollel – a place to transform bnei Torah into leaders who will share their love for Torah and Hashem with our fellow Jews.

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