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Orit Esther Riter

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 15 years ago, Emuna was the answer to Orit Esther’s personal healing, growth, and building a solid foundation with Hashem. So much so, Orit Esther, wanted to serve G-d daily, redirecting her culinary chef career, towards a more meaningful path of spreading Emuna in souls. Her goal is to ignite the lives of Jewish women, men, teenagers and families worldwide.

Orit Esther is the two-time book author of the Turnaround series, Torah-based feel-good books. Traveling to speak to thousands of people, her widespread Torah-classes on Torah Anytime and online have built-up a reputation for Orit as a recognizable voice, encouraging all to see Hashem’s hand in everything that we do. Orit Esther has five children and five grandchildren living in Israel. She lives with her husband and three younger children in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

To learn more about Orit Esther Riter, visit her website,

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