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Rabbi Avichai Cohen

Avichai Cohen grew up in a traditional Jewish home in Israel and, as a teenager, became disenchanted with Judaism. He became a popular fashion model and “had it all,” but he felt that he was missing something. Cohen was in India testing out Buddhism, when a Buddhist monk sent him an awakening. For the first time, Avichai decided to explore the truths of his own religion. What he found amazed him, and he slowly started his way back to his roots. He then went on a mission to find out what was the purpose of life. Why are we here? What does it all mean? Once he’d started asking that question, the only place where he got a satisfactory answer was in the Torah. Cohen understood that he had to change his life to fit in with it, instead of trying to bend the truth to accommodate his lifestyle.

Avichai currently lives with his wife and family in Jerusalem. In place of designer sunglasses, Avichai has the long peyos and shaved head that characterizes many Chassidim.

He spends his days learning Torah in the Belz Beit Midrash in Jerusalem, and has found the inner happiness that radiates out of people who really do know why they are here on this planet.

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