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Rabbi Doniel Katz

Rav Doniel Katz is a visionary educator and internationally sought-after lecturer, whose open and compassionate teachings have transformed the lives of thousands around the world.

A former award-winning filmmaker and theater director from Australia, he relocated to Jerusalem in 2,000, and has spent the last 17 years learning in some of it’s best known yeshivas and from some of it’s greatest Rabbi’s and spiritual masters. By nature, an integrator and systems thinker, Rav Doniel is a deep spiritual seeker who awakens that same desire in so many he contacts, both religious and secular alike. Confronting our perceptions about ourselves and reality, His teachings exists on the nexus of ancient and modern, intellect and heart, spiritual yet practical.

Rav Doniel was a favorite teacher for many years at Neve Yerushalayim and Aish HaTorah where his famous nightly classes routinely drew crowds of over 150 people. In 2009, he created The Song Begins a cutting-edge live online learning community, and in 2012, after 10 years of devoted study, and development, in consultation with leading Torah scholars and mental-health professionals, he developed a unique curriculum to address the emotional and spiritual challenges of Klal Yisrael, launching the Elevation Seminar in New York, Los Angeles and Jerusalem.

On the international stage, in 2015 he spoke at a symposium on science and meditational tools of Abrahamic traditions at the Mind & Life Institute in Massachusetts, US. In June the same year, he was invited by the Chief Rabbi of South Africa to speak at the Sinai Indaba conference in Johannesburg and Capetown, during which over 5,000 people attended his Elevation sessions. In 2016, he presented at the Wisdom 2.0 conference in Tel Aviv. Rav Doniel's mission is to reveal the unity among different paths of Torah in order to allow all people everywhere to experience its spiritual depth, beauty, and transformative power.

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