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Rabbi Dov Bear Cohen

After spending six years living in Asia, delving deeply into Eastern philosophies, partaking in several silent meditation retreats, extreme martial arts training, hiking in the Himalayas and around a Japanese island, as well as spending time volunteering in orphanages.

Dov Ber moved to Israel where he discovered the depth, beauty and wisdom of his own religion. He made Aliyah and, alongside learning in yeshiva, set up his social justice organization, All for the Kids, which raised money and awareness for orphanages in India, Africa and Israel. Two projects he created were the 40 day fundraising walk of the entire length of Israel which raised $18,000 for vulnerable kids, and his 10 day volunteer and Jewish meditation retreats for Israeli backpackers spending time in India. In 2009 he set up Self Discovery, an organization running workshops, seminars and short trips for young Jewish adults to help them tap into their innate power and potential and take control of their lives in a positive and fulfilling way. He is now a senior lecturer at Aish HaTorah World Centre in Jerusalem and Co-founder/Director of Ruach Chayim: Authentic Jewish Meditation Retreats. Dov Ber made Aliyah at the end of 2008 and appears in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ web-booklet entitled ‘Young Leaders of Israel 2010.’                       

He is a much sought after speaker for organizations bringing trips to Israel (such as Aish, NCSY, USY, MEOR, JLE, Young Judaea, J-Interns, Pathways, JWRP) and is often flown in to the USA, England and Canada to speak in shuls and Jewish organizations. He is known for his down to earth, authentic and experiential style, weaving together stories and lessons from his journey through the East with deeply spiritual yet practical Torah wisdom. He has smicha in Issur vHeter.

To learn more about Rabbi Dov Bear Cohen, visit his website

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