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Rabbi Eitiel Goldwicht

Rabbi Eitiel Goldwicht, founder of Aish Israel, the Israeli division of Aish Hatorah is also the Associate Rabbi of Beit Knesset Hanassi in Rechavia where he was appointed in 2015.  

He lives in the Rechavia area, Jerusalem, with his wife and four children. As a native Israeli who moved to the States as a child, Rabbi Eitiel, strongly associates with both Israelis and Anglos, and his deep understanding and passion for the Jewish people fuels his work amongst the religious spectrum.  Tens of thousands of secular Israelis visit the Aish World Center yearly and have experienced Rabbi Eitiel's dynamic and engaging lectures and programs about Judaism.  This experience contributed to his appointment at Bet Knesset Hanassi. Rabbi Eitiel was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, and previously learned in the Mir yeshiva in Jerusalem,  Ner Yisrael Rabbinical College, Baltimore, Maryland, as well as Yeshiva University. Rabbi Eitiel received both his undergraduate, and graduate degrees from Yeshiva University, mastering in Education.

He currently lectures both in Hebrew and English, and is constantly expanding the breadth of his audience through radio appearances, video presentations, and social media. He speaks every Shabbat at Bet Knesset Hanassi, gives shiurim and is using his talents to attract younger married members to the community.

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