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Rabbi Lazer Brody

A graduate of the Aish Hatorah rabbinical seminary in Jerusalem, Lazer Brody is an ordained Orthodox Jewish rabbi who holds rabbinical ordinations from Rabbi Noach Weinberg osb”m of Aish HaTora in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yitzchak Kulitz osb”m Head Rabbi of Jerusalem, Dayan Natan Kupschitz shlit’a from Jerusalem, and Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg shlit’a from Jerusalem. A former radio host and commentator on Arutz 7 Israel National Radio in English, he was nicknamed Israel’s “Voice of Emuna” by anchorwoman Tamar Yonah for his uncanny optimism and ability to see the Divine Providence behind current events. He is the author of the “Emuna Beams” series, a number of inspirational emuna and self-help books. 13 Principle of Emuna, Divine Direction, The Language of Emuna, Bitachon and 3 Words of Emuna frequently appear in Amazon’s Top-50 list of Orthodox Jewish bestsellers. He is also the English translator of the globally-acclaimed The Garden of Emuna. Rabbi Brody is noted for his clear and comprehensible speaking and writing style. For over twenty years, he has devoted extensive time and energy to globetrotting and inspiring audiences of all backgrounds in English-speaking countries worldwide.

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