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Rebbetzin Esti Hamilton

Rebbetzin Esti Hamilton is a teacher of Torah, spiritual mentor, and religious leader. Her acclaimed classes tackle contemporary issues through the lens of the eternal wisdom of the Jewish tradition, and modern psychology and psychotherapy. A renowned international teacher and motivational speaker for over twenty years, Rebbetzin Esti specializes in bringing her students closer to each other, closer to God, and ultimately closer to their true selves. Rebbetzin Esti has a degree in psychology and a diploma in teaching. During the first stage of her career Rebbetzin Esti lived in Israel, teaching in a wide array of prestigious seminaries and educational institutions across the country. She was the founder and director of the women’s seminary Ohr Penina. After a decade of teaching in Israel, Rebbetzin Esti returned to London with her family, and continued her educational outreach work in schools, university campuses, and Jewish institutions around the country. Among her many pedagogical aspects, Rebbetzin Esti’s classes are renowned for a focus on spiritual growth, building inner strength, maintaining strong relationships, and close textual analysis of the great texts of the Jewish tradition. She has also taken a leading role in organizing support groups for parents with disabled children. Rebbetzin Esti and her husband, Rabbi Yoni Hamilton (a practising psychotherapist) have been blessed with six children and currently reside in London, UK.

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